Contact Center

Traditional call center software is a calling system that offers dedicated features for business and organizations that need to manage a high volume of phone calls and want to report on the call centers performance. Call Center software manages inbound and outbound phone calls and provides agents with tools to efficiently make and receive phone calls and interact with the customer. The most important element in a well designed call center is to ensure callers are routed to the correct agents in a timely manner.

Contact Center software incorporates all of the features of a call center with the addition of email, live web chat, video communications and even social media. A well designed contact center empowers customers to use the method of communication convenient for them or switch seamlessly to another method, for example starting a conversation in a web chat and then escalate to a phone call for a more in depth conversation. This type of contact center software is often referred to as “omnichannel” where the call center service is integrated with web chat, email, video and even social media.

Today organizations have many choices of contact center solutions. Traditional contact center solutions are typically located within your building or co-located in a data center. Today there are fully cloud based contact center solutions where no hardware is needed and the major components are managed by a cloud provider. You might be asking, do I have to go to the cloud to get a great contact center or Is there something in between? Are you looking for new and improved features but feeling stuck where you are right now? How can I move to a cloud based contact center without the risk of losing my phone numbers? With so many choices, how do I know what’s right for me? Replacing an entire contact center is a big deal, UpTime Solutions can help. No matter where your contact center is today or where you want to go UpTime Solutions can help you choose and implement the right solution to handle your contacts and ensure that your customers experience is exceptional.