Video Surveillance and Physical Security

UpTime’s Physical Security solutions for business provide deterrence capabilities utilizing video, audio and LED lighting to identify and alert as intrusions are in progress and can automatically project audio at the intruder while notifying security.   Services include:

  • Commercial Video Surveillance Systems – optical & thermal
  • Audio – emergency & paging
  • LED lighting – building & parking lot
  • Access and Perimeter Control – pedestrian & vehicle

UpTime Solutions uses MOBOTIX, Axis, BOSCH and Meraki for our video surveillance solutions, MOBOTIX and Axis for our audio systems, and Paxton and BOSCH for our Access Control implementations.

Audio is also used for emergency announcements as well as general paging and can be integrated with the surveillance cameras to support the automated broadcasts.

Our LED lighting systems support illumination for effective lighting in exterior and warehouse environments and can have integrated cameras in the light units on poles, walls and rafters.

Access Control and Perimeter Control systems can be single location, campus as well as multi-site and be integrated with optical and/or thermal cameras for positive identification.



Asset loss directly impacts the profitability of your business.  Our commercial surveillance cameras can utilize your existing coaxial cabling and/or we can install new cabling.  Wireless solutions are also available.  Our IP-based camera technologies also work with business networks. So, whether your business infrastructure is decades old or you are equipping new construction, we will work to leverage your existing infrastructure. Our commercial surveillance cameras solution includes:

  • Scalable Commercial Camera Systems
  • Digital and Analog Security Cameras
  • HD Audio and Video Quality
  • Infrared and Low-Light Options
  •  Pan, Tilt and Zoom Capabilities
  • Indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • Constant and Motion Detected Recording
  • Monitoring From Desktops, Tablets and Phones
  • Complete Design, Installation and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Both wired or wireless solutions are available

Commercial Surveillance Cameras Installation

Our services include visiting your company’s location(s), reviewing areas that pose the most risk, developing a custom solution to address those risks and install quality, HD security cameras. We will also install the viewing software and show your team how best to use the software. If at any time you need assistance with your cameras or software, we remain available to help. Our goal is to provide you a cost effective and beneficial solution while making the process painless.

Monitor Employee Practices

Whether you are a restaurant focusing on food safety or a warehouse focusing on employee safety, video shows how well your employees are following your company’s procedures. Watching employee actions can also reveal process inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Videos available in both real-time and past recordings.

Vendor and Employee Theft

Shoplifting and worker theft cost retailers huge amounts of money and resources.  Commercial surveillance cameras remind employees, vendors and customers that their actions are being watched. With our custom solutions, we can help you protect your inventory. When a theft does occur, the video caught by your security cameras provides evidence you need.

Improve / Monitor Safety and Compliance

Having the ability to view/monitor video of the workplace can provide increased employee safety and make management aware of potential issues.  It also affords the entity the ability to monitor high risk areas.

Perimeter Control

Video Surveillance provides the ability to control access to a facility or secured area.  Perimeter Security technology allows both public and private entities to protect wider areas (the perimeter) of their facilities with less manpower.


Video Motion Detection

Video Motion Detection (VMD) may be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated into other detection systems to detect motion and capture the events. VMD is especially suitable for low-traffic areas as it detects moving objects (such as people or vehicles) within the predefined area, making it possible to automatically trigger an action.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is often used in conjunction with radar to provide a detailed visual image of approaching people or objects, even in complete darkness.

Barrier / Fence Alarms

Barrier and Fence alarms incorporate sensors that are attached to fence structures to pick up vibrations and enact a response. This response can turn on a warning siren, light up a fence section or surrounding field, activate video surveillance and more.

Security Fence

Security fences are often incorporated to cover larger perimeters and may be hardened to resist cutting, which delays and deters perpetrators for several minutes. Security fences may also be made strong enough to stop a speeding vehicle.

Security Gates & Operators

Whether you have a barrier gate, pedestrian gate, swing gate or vertical pivot gate, it is critical to have the right security gate opener installed and functioning properly to secure your facility.


LED Lighting

Benefits of Dusk to Dawn

Uptime Solutions uses the latest technology and LED lighting systems. We perform a complimentary consultation and a thorough tour of your property, offering various proposals designed to fit your needs and budget. We like to meld your vision and our commercial expertise to give you outdoor lighting options that range in price, lighting style, and end-results.

Benefits of Additional Security

Uptime Solutions offers additional security for your business, your clients, and your employees. The proper use of lighting can illuminate previously dark, vulnerable areas like entries, windows, and walkways, creating a safer outdoor environment.

Benefits of LEDs

Here are the key benefits of commercial LED lighting:

  •  LED lights last much longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. …
  •  LED lighting in commercial spaces offers big costs savings. …
  •  LED lights are extremely energy efficient. …
  •  LED lights emit very little heat.

Access and Perimeter Control Solutions

Access and perimeter control solutions for any commercial, retail, public or business environment.

Access control systems only give certain people – those that you have designated – access to critical areas of your business. Whether your business is a small, one-location building that employs a few people, or a large, multi-building campus that is staffed by thousands, card access control systems will protect your property and keep your employees safe.  A variety of access control readers, doors, gates and devices allow us to deliver the right equipment, products and technology for every installation.

Security Access Control Systems

Access control technologies have greatly improved in their effectiveness, security, and tracking.  With modern access controls, you can control who is allowed into your building as well as what date and time they entered.  Additionally, the entire system can be automated and networked providing a wide range of convenience.  Our access control management solutions allow you to control, track and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management.   We add value to your operations with managed access control and handle all phases of access control system layout and configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections and testing with our local service and support.

Why use an electronic access control system?

  • You will welcome the benefits of a key-less facility, but without the expense of “re-keying” your locks.
  • You will be able to increase your employees’ safety and decrease your potential liability for workplace safety issues.
  • You can protect sensitive and high-value items and inventory.
  • You can produce audit traffic reports that will track movement in your facility.
  • Control the security of your business from wherever you are.

Audio / Paging / Emergency Notification Solutions

Overhead Paging & Public Announcement

Uptime Solutions designs and installs professional facility paging and audio systems for commercial and industrial environments. We engineer our paging systems so that your messages are heard where you want them to be heard. No matter how large or small your facilities may be, we can help.

Paging System Features:

Telephone Interface

We’ll integrate your paging system with just about any phone system so paging announcements can be made from any facility phone.

Zone Paging

Segmenting your facility into paging zones gives you and your staff a great deal of control over where pages are heard. Page just into a certain area, into groups of defined areas, or all-call to your entire facility.

Emergency Override

Emergency override gives you the ability to override any other audio and get an announcement out to everyone in the facility.

Night Ring

When your phone system shifts over to night mode, have it send a signal to our paging system that will ring throughout your facility so that anyone in the facility will know there is an incoming call.